About Faith

Marriage Counselor and Relationship Coach

Faith Njogu is a certified marriage mentor and relationship coach in Kenya. She helps individuals and couples reignite love so that they can have more fulfilling relationships. She does this by providing mentoring and coaching Services that help them take inspired actions and enjoy best romantic relationships thereafter.

How It all started

Diving a little bit into my story, I was born and raised in central Kenya, but after completing my KCSE, I went to Nairobi and continued with education where I did Business Administration and graduated. Later I found the love of my life whom I dated for two years and while still in the ROMANCE STAGE we got married. Two years into our marriage, I was just a housewife and when I told my husband that I wanted to work, we could not agree since he thought that I should first of all rear children but according to me I argued that we can always get a nanny.

This argument became a conflict that ushered us to the next stage of our relationship POWER STRUGGLE STAGE where we couldn’t agree on any single thing. We started fighting for our needs to be met, to be heard and the feeling of disconnection crept in. This stage took a toll on our relationship and that’s when I decided to search for knowledge and at least have the know-how of how to navigate through.


That’s how I landed into the hands of a coach who helped me out and following the teachings I was able to turn my miserable relationship into heaven of excitement and happiness. This doesn’t mean we don’t disagree, we do, but now we are wise and able to solve the conflicts amicably and continue enjoying our peace and happiness.

Having been able to turn my relationship into a better one, I became so passionate about helping individuals navigate through marriages. Therefore I went back, studied and got certified as  MARRIAGE COUNSELOR AND RELATIONSHIP COACH hence adding my ability to help men/women re-ignite love and have more exciting relationships.

When I started serving I realized that I still needed more knowledge to be able to help my clients best and therefore I took another course and got certified as a MASTER MENTOR & RELATIONSHIP COACH.

Spice Love eBook

I have authored an Ebook named SPICY LOVE which is free for anyone who wants to spice up their relationship.

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Secrets for creating an Exciting Relationship

This ebook was written to help Christian women create healthy, fulfilling, and exciting relationships. In it you’ll find principles and practices which, if followed, will help you create and maintain a fulfilling relationship!

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