Magnetize Your Love

Spice it up in 8 weeks, and live happily ever after.

Do you Need to fix your relationship OR save your marriage?

My 8-weeks online relationship coaching program provides step-by-step solutions to fix your relationship problems so you can reignite your love once again.

How Do you Solve your Relationship Problems?

From the privacy of your home, I’ll show you how to fix things between you and your partner before they go from bad to worse

This program is for you if:-

  • There’s a constant tension between you and your partner
  • You walk on eggshells, tip-toeing around sensitive topics
  • Little arguments escalate into full blown fights
  • You can’t talk about how you’re feeling without communication breaking down or sparking an argument…
  • Issues don’t get resolved, and you sweep your problems under the rag
  • Your partner withdraws, goes or shuts down emotionally
  • Your partner angrily pursues you, leaving you feeling criticized
  • You feel judged, not accepted and like your partner is trying to change you
  • You’re wrestling with trust issues or forgiveness after a betrayal
    • Your sex life has lost its spark
    • You can’t count on your partner to have your back and provide emotional support…
    • One of you is not fully committed and has left or threatened to leave


But what you need to know is how to fix or save your relationship and ignite love..

Relationships can go through 5 stages, but…

you’ll probably stay stuck at the 2nd stage (unless you get help).


This is when we fall in love – We feel excited. This stage lasts up to 2 years.


This is the stage where we fight to get our needs met, for our partner’s attention or for our independence and freedom. This is where breakups happen, separation and even divorce.


This is even love where you stop trying to change each other and accept each other’s flaws. Your connection feels secure.
BUT THE BAD THING IS Most couples NEVER make it to the Mature Love stage because they break up in the Power Struggle stage.

Cost: $79 or Ksh 11,100

Till number: 947392


If so, here is what can spice up your relationship

1. You Need Awareness Of Your Unconscious Patterns Of Relating

This is ‘blind spots’ that prevents you from communicating kindly, getting on the same page and being a team with your partner.

Only when you can see what you’re doing wrong, is when you start doing it right.

2. You Need A Step-by-step Learning System

Knowledge is power. And therefore my program will give you tools, strategies and proven solutions to your relationship problems

3. You Need Mentor/coach

To coach you, hold your hand, help and mentor you as you spice and reignite your love


The online mentoring and coaching that will show you how to spice your relationship in 8 weeks even if you’re the only one trying.

The coaching program is an 8 weeks online learning delivered weekly. Group coaching with me, so you are guaranteed to get help with your unique situation.

You’ll learn proven communication skills and conflict management and resolution strategies to get you connected with your partner. You can attend sessions from anywhere in the world as long as you have the internet, and turn things around even if you’re the only one trying.

Cost: $79 or Ksh 11,100
Till number: 947392

This Program is for you if you notice these Symptoms in your Relationship:

  • It feels like there’s a “fuzzy” communication problem whenever you talk
  • Arguments over small things explode into heated fights
  • Your sex life has lost its spark
  • Your partner has withdrawn or shut down emotionally
  • You feel blamed and criticized – like nothing you do is ever enough
  • Your spouse has angry outbursts and can be demanding
  • Your spouse doesn’t really listen to you
  • You’re struggling to forgive a betrayal of trust

But this Program is not for your if you are not ready to fix your relationship

Payment Details

Cost: $79 or Ksh 11,100
Till number: 947392


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Cost: $79 or Ksh 11,100

Till number: 947392

Cost: $79 Payment

Till number: 947392